Hamilton sets a bold target for himself ahead of his move to Ferrari

Hamilton sets a bold target for himself ahead of his move to Ferrari



February 16th, 2024

On Wednesday, Valentine's Day, F1 enthusiasts got a glimpse of the car that Mercedes will use in their quest to overthrow Red Bull. The W15 will be the car that Lewis Hamilton will use to mark the end of his time with the Brackley squad before going to Ferrari.

The car's livery has undergone a noticeable change, with the iconic silver color taking center stage. However, what's truly remarkable is the complete transformation of the car's concept.
It is widely known that the W13 and W14 were not the sole contributors to their victories. Surprisingly, their track record shows just a single victory over the past two seasons. And it was George Russell who secured the victory at Interlagos (in 2022).

But let's shift our focus back to Lewis. Lewis Hamilton understands that his final season with the Silver Arrows team will be a deeply sentimental journey before starting a new era at Ferrari.

"I have always enjoyed collaborating with the team," Hamilton expressed. “Especially in situations with a large number of individuals involved, such as a massive team working behind the scenes.”
"The focus is solely on achieving top-notch performance with the machine we are constructing, propelling us effortlessly across the finish line." Without the dedicated efforts of all those individuals behind the scenes, our journey towards our goals would remain out of reach.

Mercedes new Look

Mercedes has decided to leave behind their previous car concept with the W15, and Hamilton couldn't contain his excitement about the radical change. "Our main priority during the winter training is to restore the team to its former glory," Hamilton emphasized.

"We've experienced a challenging period that has truly humbled us. We have found it beneficial to come together, reassess our approach, and now we are meticulously going through the crucial steps, being extremely thorough in our work, analyzing the data and comprehending the intricacies of the car."

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