Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari in 2025: A Seismic Shift in Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari in 2025: A Seismic Shift in Formula 1



February 1st, 2024

In a bombshell move, Lewis Hamilton has announced he will be leaving Mercedes and joining Ferrari for the 2025 Formula 1 season. This marks a historic moment in the sport, as Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, will trade the silver arrows for the iconic red of Ferrari.

Key details of Lewis Hamilton move to Ferrari

Hamilton's current contract with Mercedes expires at the end of 2025, but he will depart after this season.

Lewis Hamilton will replace Carlos Sainz at Ferrari, partnering with Charles Leclerc.

Both Hamilton and Sainz will continue racing for their respective teams for the remainder of the 2024 season.

The official announcement is expected later.

Why Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari in 2025?

There have been rumors linking Hamilton to Ferrari for years, but it seemed unlikely due to his success with Mercedes. However, with Mercedes struggling in recent seasons and Ferrari on the rise, the allure of the Scuderia may have been too strong to resist. Perhaps Hamilton is seeking a new challenge and the chance to win another championship with a different team.

What does this mean for F1?

This move is a game-changer for Formula 1. It puts together two of the sport's biggest stars, Hamilton and Leclerc, as teammates. This could create an epic rivalry and bring even more excitement to the races. Additionally, it strengthens Ferrari's championship aspirations and makes the 2025 season even more unpredictable.

Questions remain

Who will replace Hamilton at Mercedes? George Russell seems like the frontrunner, but other options are possible.

How will Hamilton adapt to the Ferrari car and team culture?

Can Hamilton win another championship with Ferrari?

Only time will tell how this story unfolds, but one thing is certain: this move of  Lewis Hamilton move to Ferrari is a major moment in Formula 1 history.

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