Formula 1 to Buy MotoGP: Liberty Media in Talks for €4 Billion Acquisition

Formula 1 to Buy MotoGP: Liberty Media in Talks for €4 Billion Acquisition



March 28th, 2024

The world of motorsports could be on the verge of a major shakeup. According to reports, Liberty Media, the current owners of Formula 1, are in exclusive negotiations to buy Dorna Sports, the company that holds the rights to MotoGP. This potential €4 billion deal, if finalized, would bring together the two premier motorcycle and car racing series under one banner.

MotoGP Acquisition Could Signal New Era for Motorsports

The news of a potential Formula 1 to buy MotoGP deal has sent shockwaves through the motorsports community. Dorna Sports, led by Carmelo Ezpeleta, has successfully managed MotoGP for decades, fostering a passionate fanbase and a unique racing experience. Liberty Media, on the other hand, has been actively working to grow the global appeal of Formula 1 since acquiring the series in 2017.

The potential merger of Formula 1 and MotoGP presents a number of intriguing possibilities. Liberty Media's expertise in media and marketing could be instrumental in expanding MotoGP's reach to new audiences. Additionally, the combined resources of both series could lead to innovative events and collaborations, further fueling fan engagement.

Questions Remain About the Future of MotoGP

While the potential benefits of a Formula 1 to buy MotoGP acquisition are undeniable, there are also questions to be addressed. How will the identities of both series be preserved? Will there be any changes to the current MotoGP race format or calendar?


Carmelo Ezpeleta, in past comments, has hinted at the possibility of joint F1-MotoGP race weekends. This concept, while commercially attractive, could raise concerns about diluting the unique character of each series. It will be interesting to see how Liberty Media navigates these challenges and ensures a smooth transition for both MotoGP and its loyal fanbase.

What Does This Mean for Fans?


For now, MotoGP fans can continue to enjoy the ongoing 2024 season. However, the potential Formula 1 to buy MotoGP acquisition undoubtedly adds an exciting layer of anticipation to the future of motorcycle racing. Whether it leads to a more unified motorsports landscape or a distinct future for both series, one thing is certain: the potential impact of this deal is significant.

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