What happened to Michael Schumacher ? A Decade of Silence

What happened to Michael Schumacher ? A Decade of Silence



December 18th, 2023

As the tenth anniversary of Michael Schumacher's life-altering skiing accident looms closer, everyone keep asking the same question : “ What happened to Michael Schumacher ? ”. Gone are the days of roaring engines and checkered flags; replaced by a void of information and a palpable sense of despair among fans and former colleagues.

Willi Weber, Schumacher's early mentor and former manager, paints a bleak picture. 

One of the few voices offering glimpses into the racing icon's well-being, Weber is now barred from visiting his former protégé by Corinna, Schumacher's wife. Reflecting on the past decade, Weber's words carry the weight of unfulfilled hope:

"Unfortunately, when I think of Michael now, I have no hope of seeing him again. There is no positive news after ten years."

A Decade of Isolation and Unanswered Questions

This lack of access and information has fueled public speculation and media frenzy. While Corinna fiercely protects Schumacher's privacy, makes the answer to the “What happened to Michael Schumacher ? ” topic hard to be reached.. The silence surrounding his recovery amplifies the tragedy of the accident, leaving fans and those who knew him best grappling with unanswered questions.

Weber, who considers himself a close friend of the seven-time Formula 1 champion, expresses deep regret for not visiting Schumacher immediately after the accident. The emotional burden is compounded by the restricted contact imposed by Corinna:

"I felt like a dog after his accident. Of course, also the fact that Corinna did not allow me any more contact. But at some point, I had to break free from Michael, to separate."

The Impact on Schumacher's Legacy

Despite the emotional distance, Weber remains inextricably linked to Schumacher's legacy. People continue to recognize him as the racing legend's former manager, seeking any shred of information about his current state. This constant association, combined with the lack of closure, takes a toll:

"Even three or four years later, people who recognized me were still asking me: 'You're Schumacher's former manager. How is Michael?'" he noted. "That's when I stopped trying to explain myself and thought, 'Why doesn't anyone ask me how I'm doing?' It was clear to me: 'Well, it's over now. The shit has to get out of my head.'"

Weber's Criticisms and Speculations

Weber's recent book, "Gasoline in the Blood," not only chronicles his experiences with Schumacher but also offers critical commentary on the current state of motorsport, particularly related to Schumacher's son, Mick. Weber believes his involvement could have altered Mick's trajectory in Formula 1:

"I think Michael was anxious to take the boy into Formula 1 and manage him the way I used to manage him," Weber declared. "If I had been at Mick's side, this Haas team boss [Guenther Steiner] wouldn't have done so badly, and Mick would have had a second chance somewhere else."

These outspoken pronouncements, while adding fuel to the speculation surrounding Schumacher's family and Mick's career, do little to alleviate the core issue: the lack of concrete information about the racing legend's well-being. 

When will any answer about Schumacher's go public?

As per Schumacher's  health and current situation nothing is clear. Corinna Schumacher's position regarding this issue and protecting fierce fully the privacy has left a vast void about her husband's and unfortunately the question  “What happened to Michael Schumacher ? ” might never get an answer.

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