Shakira and Hamilton play hide-and-seek on the internet, but they've been caught out

Shakira and Hamilton play hide-and-seek on the internet, but they've been caught out


June 8th, 2023

Shakira's visit to Spain happened to coincide with the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The Colombian singer did not hide from the media spotlight and as soon as she arrived in Barcelona she went to watch the race at the circuit in Montmelo.

An appearance that increased the rumors of romance between the singer and the driver Lewis Hamilton even more, taking into account that it was not the first time it happened, as she also spent time with the British driver during the Miami Grand Prix.

They also went out for a post-race dinner, which had already happened in Miami, where they even went sailing together with a group of friends on Miami Beach the following day.


Rumors of a relationship

Without a doubt, these rumors are more than justified, although there are sources that claim that the relationship does not go beyond a good friendship.

According to Vanitatis magazine, a source close to the singer has stated that: "Shakira is on the market, but neither Tom Cruise, nor Hamilton, nor the NBA, has signed a musician; for now that's all we know.

"Shakira and Hamilton have been friends for a long time, people don't know how many friends Shakira has and how many of them are famous, they would be surprised".

But although they have neither confirmed nor denied the relationship rumors for the moment, the truth is that they are sending strange messages through their social media channels, which, as users of the sites have revealed, are more than a little strange.

A few weeks ago, the Colombian singer was linked to basketball player Jimmy Butler after he attended a Miami Heat game.

At the time, Shakira posted the following message on her social media: "This is my acrostic for today," she wrote, using the initials of the word 'Heat' (Heroic, Extraordinary, Awesome, Team).

And now it is the British driver who has picked up the gauntlet of the Colombian singer and has also used that word.

Specifically, he used it in one of his latest Instagram posts. "Miami Heat", wrote the driver, next to a photo of him playing with a basketball.


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