Red Bull Internal Conflict Threatens Max Verstappen's Future

Red Bull Internal Conflict Threatens Max Verstappen's Future



March 21st, 2024

The reigning champion, Max Verstappen, could be on the verge of a shocking departure from Red Bull due to a raging internal conflict within the team. This news, raised by former F1 driver Johnny Herbert, has sent shockwaves through the Formula 1 world.

Red Bull Internal Conflict: Will it Drive Verstappen Away?

Herbert, a commentator for Sky Sports, expressed his concerns about the potential impact of Red Bull's internal war. He highlighted the risk of losing Verstappen, arguably the sport's most dominant driver, to a rival team like Mercedes.

"It's not a good thing for F1," Herbert stated, emphasizing the broader consequences of Red Bull's turmoil. He further warned that Red Bull is "very close to pushing [Verstappen] out of the team," potentially paving the way for a move to Mercedes.

Herbert's comments come amidst a highly publicized internal investigation at Red Bull surrounding Team Principal Christian Horner. While the investigation cleared Horner, the controversy has created significant tension within the organization.

Verstappen's father, Jos, has been a vocal critic of Horner's leadership. He has even suggested that Verstappen could leave the team if Horner remains in charge. This potential driver exodus could be a crippling blow to Red Bull's championship aspirations.

Adding fuel to the fire, various media outlets have reported on a power struggle within Red Bull. Some reports, such as those in Bild, suggest Horner's ambitions extend beyond the F1 team, with a potential move to become CEO of the entire Red Bull company.

Can the Team Recover?

Further complicating matters, rumors swirl about Adrian Newey, Red Bull's highly-acclaimed technical director. According to Bild, Newey may be in talks with Ferrari, a historic rival of Red Bull. This potential departure would be another significant loss for the team.

Newey's design genius is widely considered a key factor in Red Bull's recent success. His departure, combined with Verstappen's potential exit, could leave Red Bull in a precarious position.

While there is speculation that Verstappen could struggle to win championships in a Mercedes car, the mere possibility of such a move underscores the seriousness of Red Bull's internal conflict.

The coming weeks and months will be crucial for Red Bull. The team must find a way to resolve its internal issues and convince Verstappen of their commitment to winning. Otherwise, they risk losing their star driver and potentially their competitive edge in Formula 1.

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