Mick Schumacher's important role in Mercedes' improvement

Mick Schumacher's important role in Mercedes' improvement


June 7th, 2023

Mercedes surprised everyone at the Spanish Grand Prix, with improvements that allowed them to stay ahead of Aston Martin and Ferrari.

Their two drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, took the podium to join Max Verstappen, scoring valuable points. However, during the first free practice sessions, the team had been testing updates to the W14 and the results were not good.

Hamilton went so far as to point out that it would be difficult to make it to Q3, as the car was proving difficult to handle.


Mick Schumacher helps Mercedes out

Curiously, the solution to those problems was found away from Barcelona.

On Friday night, Mick Schumacher took to the simulator at the Mercedes factory in Brackley.

There, he was testing different set-ups and finally found the answer the team needed.

Thanks to this, the German driver set the course for his first double podium of the season.

After the race, Hamilton was keen to acknowledge the work of his teammate, who he credited for the step forward after the first day of practice.

"We struggled to find the balance on Friday as it was very difficult to drive this car, very unpredictable, but we have a great team," Hamilton said.

"He did a very good job in the simulator.

"That played a part in the fact that we were able to perform like this today."


Mick Schumacher is seeking a second chance

On Wednesday, Mick Schumacher will get behind the wheel of the Mercedes W14 for the first time during the Pirelli tyre test in Barcelona, an opportunity that is of great importance for his future in Formula 1.

These tests allow him to take his work in the simulator to the tarmac and show his speed and talent.

Within the team, they hope that this day at the circuit can help the youngster to gain confidence with the car and be more prepared.

However, it is an opportunity that could benefit the driver himself to get a seat in a team and return to racing.


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