Lewis Hamilton talks about his move to Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton talks about his move to Ferrari



February 26th, 2024

Lewis Hamilton spoke for the first time about his unexpected move to Ferrari, and what made him take this decision after renewing his 2-year deal with Mercedes just some months ago.

"In the summer we signed and obviously I, at the time, saw my future with Mercedes. But an opportunity came up in the new year and I decided to take it," he stated for the press in Bahrain.

What Lewis Hamilton wants to achieve at Ferrari

Even though Fernando Alonso humorously pointed out his surprise at Lewis' switch from being a Mercedes ambassador to supporting Ferrari, Hamilton has been a fan of the Italian team since childhood.

"Of course, I think for all drivers growing up, looking at history, they see Michael Schumacher at his best.... Definitely, even as a kid, I used to play Michael in that car, so it's definitely a dream and I'm very, very excited about it," he continued.

Young Lewis Hamilton - The Observer

Lewis is aware of the task ahead as he aims to end the 17-year championship dry spell at Maranello, but he is prepared for the challenge.

"It's a team that hasn't had much success recently, since 2007, and I saw it as a big challenge. I've had a great relationship and communication with Fred Vasseur since we raced together in F3 and GP2, and I think this really wouldn't have happened without him, so I'm very grateful and very excited about the work he's doing there," Hamilton finished.

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