Is Andy Reid retiring soon? Not Even Close

Is Andy Reid retiring soon? Not Even Close



February 8th, 2024

As the Super Bowl day by day comes closer this question still persists :  "Is Andy Reid retiring soon?". According to Chiefs General Manager that is not even close. The situation in the Kansas City Chiefs is quite good before the Super Bowl against the San Francisco  49ers. While the NFL has seen drastic changes in fast paced rhythm the chiefs have had a luxury stability.

Patrick Mahomes has been the starter for six complete seasons. Andy Reid has been the head coach for 11 seasons, all of which have been winning seasons, with 10 of them featuring double digit wins. The Chiefs have complete coverage for the two most crucial on-field/sideline positions in the NFL.

Andy Reid isn't retiring soon

The only issue that can disrupt Chief' stability will be Andy Reid Retiring. Previous rumours and media have actually been swirling for some time regarding the matter suggesting this might be a possibility for the 65 year old coach. But Chiefs general manager Brett Veach says that won't happen anytime soon.

“He's in a good place, not just with Pat but with his coaching staff and with the personnel staff. This is the setup he's always wanted. I think he has a lot of football coaching ahead of him, and I can see him coaching for the foreseeable future here. I think he's got a good chunk of time left.”

That should be music to Chiefs supporters' ears. And to Mahomes' ears. The two have formed an unbreakable friendship, which has filled the franchise with victories and awards. Mahomes recently discussed Reid's dedication to the game, as well as what matters most to Reid at this time in his life.

“Other than spending time with his grandkids... He's all about football and cheeseburgers.”

Even though the Chiefs are in high spirits a possible loss can bring Andy Reid close to a retiring decision. But if Veach is correct, and Reid stays at the helm for a while, this will not be the last time they have this sort of chance.

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