Hamilton has his focus already on Ferrari

Hamilton has his focus already on Ferrari



March 13th, 2024

Considering his last performance, everything is aligned for Lewis Hamilton to leave Mercedes in his desired way to move on Ferrari. The seven-time champion is currently facing a pivotal moment in his illustrious career. He has not secured a victory in 47 consecutive races. His most recent victory was in Jeddah in 2021. That's exactly where the race took place last weekend. And, naturally, the '44' had no chance of winning, let alone making it to the podium.


Hamilton didn't secure any victories or pole positions in 2022 across 22 races. In the upcoming year, he achieved a pole position in Hungary (with a total of 22 races taking place in 2023) and in the current season, he finished seventh in Bahrain and ninth on the Saudi track. And it's important to remember that his ongoing nightmare started with the most devastating loss he ever experienced. The knockout that occurred in the final round of the Abu Dhabi race in 2021 marked a turning point.

Max Reign of terror

Following the contentious conclusion at Yas Marina, Max Verstappen has established a reign that is set to endure for an extended period. Currently, the Dutchman is en route to securing his fourth consecutive world championship. Moreover, he seems capable of breaking the most extreme record in the history of the sport. He seems poised to achieve a perfect score of 24 out of 24. Do you think he will secure all the wins? It may seem unlikely at first glance, but considering his remarkable performance on the track, we shouldn't dismiss the possibility.


Regarding Lewis, it's worth mentioning that the driver from Stevenage is still struggling with the W15. In Jeddah, he expressed dissatisfaction with the new Mercedes car, stating that it was not up to par with its more experienced competitors. "It is very frustrating to be in almost the same position three years in a row," Hamilton stated.

It is not a surprise that there critics saying that Lewis Hamilton is not focused on the present, but actually on the future dressed in red on Ferrari. David Coulthard has been outspoken when questioned about the '44'. Once more, Mercedes has missed the mark with the design of their car. This season's poor start has led Hamilton to focus more on 2025 than the current year.

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