Christian Horner Looks Forward After Employee Accusation Dissipates

Christian Horner Looks Forward After Employee Accusation Dissipates



March 12th, 2024

Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, seems to be regaining his composure as the dust settles on the recent employee accusation against him. Now, his focus shifts towards potential sources of leaks or exaggerations within the team, including Jos Verstappen (who has denied involvement) and Helmut Marko.

Christian Horner Seeks Answers After Internal Dispute at Red Bull

Christian Horner doesn't mince words when addressing the concerns of Max Verstappen's father, who has been vocal about his son's discomfort with the situation. With a clear message, Horner reminds everyone involved in Formula 1 that commitment is a two-way street:

"This is like everything in life: you can't force someone to be somewhere just because of a piece of paper."

Standing firm as the longest-serving Team Principal in Formula 1 today (having led Red Bull since 2005), Christian Horner reiterates,

"If someone doesn't want to be in this team, then we're not going to force anyone, against their will, to be here. It doesn't matter if it's a machine operator, a designer or whatever."

It's worth noting that during this period of uncertainty surrounding Horner's leadership, Max Verstappen offered a more nuanced stance. While acknowledging Marko's importance, Verstappen stopped short of extending the same level of affection towards Horner. He simply stated his trust in the ongoing investigation and expressed his continued presence with the team. However, Verstappen didn't explicitly declare Horner as "vital."

Verstappen's Commitment: Staying or Going?

Christian Horner, however, remains confident in Red Bull's appeal.

"I'm sure all the teams in the paddock would love to have Max," he concedes. "But as Toto [Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal] also said, the best drivers always want to be in the best cars. His 56 wins have been here, but of course, you can never say never. If a driver doesn't want to be somewhere, then he will go somewhere else, but as a team I don't see any reason why anyone would want to leave this team."

Looking ahead, Christian Horner emphasizes the importance of unwavering dedication within the Red Bull family.

"Being involved in a team like this involves commitment and passion. Max has that. We've seen it, he's been here since he was 18. I have no doubt in my mind about his commitment and passion going forward."

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