Carlos Sainz to Red Bull a Possibility in the Air

Carlos Sainz to Red Bull a Possibility in the Air



February 28th, 2024

The thrilling shock that came from Lewis Hamilton's signing with Ferrari for 2025 season has created a lot of drama and tension on the F1 world. The main topic is the fate of Carlos Sainz, who will need to look for a new team  and Red Bull is just by the door.

The Spanish driver has time to choose his team, for the moment his main focus is the F1 2024 season. In his final season with the Maranello team, he aims to create lasting memories of his time with the iconic Italian squad. However, Lewis' getaway signifies another crucial aspect. The seven-time champion vacates a seat at Mercedes, a highly coveted position for numerous contenders. The Brackley team needs to recruit a new member to partner with George Russell.

Every Mercedes Move will depend on Checo

And on the horizon is also the potential for Carlos Sainz to secure a spot at Red Bull. However, this scenario will only unfold if Checo Perez does not have a successful 2024 season.

The advisor of the energy drinks team has commended Checo for his teamwork, but acknowledges their freedom to choose any driver for their car at the moment.Being at the top of the F1 World Championship comes with its own set of challenges. It is a known fact that Red Bull is considering their options regarding the renewal of the Mexican driver. They also have a backup plan with the Visa Cash App RB team, which includes Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda.

However, in that statement regarding Sainz, there is a suggestion that they have their eye on the No.55. It's worth noting that Carlos Sainz was part of the Red Bull team during his time with Toro Rosso. That happened nearly ten years in the past. Incidentally, during that period, he partnered with Verstappen.

The Spanish driver impressed the Faenza team, a fact that Marko acknowledges when discussing those times. Carlos is a big fan of Red Bull. However, the issue at hand revolves around timing. Only time can reveal the answer.

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