Carlos Sainz on Fire: Podiums & Red Bull Battle Ferrari

Carlos Sainz on Fire: Podiums & Red Bull Battle



April 8th, 2024

Carlos Sainz continued his impressive run of form with a third consecutive podium finish, solidifying his position as Ferrari's strongest driver in terms of recent performance, even if the win column remains empty. This strong showing has not only boosted his confidence but also placed him firmly in the spotlight as a highly sought-after driver on the Formula One market.

Carlos Sainz on Fire: Podium Streak and a Message to Red Bull

Expressing his delight at the podium streak, Carlos Sainz highlighted the demanding nature of the race: "Three podiums in three races, with a victory ideally, would be fantastic. Today was a real battle; I had to overtake numerous cars on track with a long stint strategy. Attacking again at the end with the new hard tires worked well, allowing me to pass everyone."

While acknowledging the difficulty of challenging Red Bull for the top spot, Carlos Sainz pointed to positive signs:

“Second place wasn't on the cards today. Red Bull were a tenth or two quicker, and my tires were past their best midway through. Maybe with fresher rubber, things could have been different, but that's speculation. The encouraging takeaway is that we're closer than last season on challenging circuits like this. We have low tire degradation, can overtake, and have the flexibility for strategic variations. This allows for exciting racing.”


Drawing a comparison with the previous season, Carlos Sainz emphasized the progress made:

"Our race pace, similar to Bahrain, is close to Checo [Perez], although not quite Max [Verstappen]'s level yet. Being this competitive, particularly in races compared to qualifying unlike last year, is a good sign. This is what we aimed for in 2023, and the positive trend needs to continue with car development. While victory might be a stretch here, Australia could be different. With a few tenths found through upgrades, we can potentially challenge Red Bull consistently. They've shown it's possible, and hopefully, it's our turn to fight back at every race."

Contract Talks and a Driver in Demand

Carlos Sainz understands the significance of this period for his future:

"There are two ways to view this situation. On one hand, it's disappointing not to secure a long-term deal with Ferrari right now, considering the excellent work we're doing together. From my perspective, I believe I've done everything I can. Alternatively, this opens doors for me and the possibility of joining a team that allows me to fight for the World Championship, which is my ultimate goal here. It's time for crucial decisions. I'm available, I'm performing well, and everyone knows that."

Carlos Sainz is undoubtedly a driver on the rise. His recent podium finishes showcase his talent and strategic prowess. With contract talks looming and a desire to challenge for the championship, the upcoming season promises to be a pivotal one for the Spanish driver.

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