Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk Postponed on 18th May

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk Postponed on 18th May



February 5th, 2024

The highly anticipated heavyweight showdown Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk has been postponed, but fight fans can rest assured. The "Ring of Fire" bout, originally scheduled for February 17th in Saudi Arabia, will now take place on May 18th in the same location. This rescheduling comes after Fury sustained a cut above his eye during sparring, requiring eleven stitches and necessitating time for recovery.

The Wait for Undisputed Continues

This news extends the wait for the crowning of an undisputed heavyweight champion. Fury, the WBC titleholder, was set to challenge Usyk, who holds the WBO, WBA, and IBF belts. Both fighters boast impressive records and distinct styles, promising an electrifying clash.

Fury Explains the Injury

In a live stream appearance, Fury addressed the concerns surrounding the postponement. He detailed the sparring incident, attributing the cut to an accidental elbow and emphasizing it was "the first time" he's experienced such an injury. This explanation was met with skepticism from Usyk's manager, Egis Klimas, who raised questions about Fury's commitment to the fight.

Fury Rejects Cowardice Accusations

A heated exchange ensued, with Fury vehemently denying Klimas' insinuations that he was avoiding the fight. He highlighted his dedication to training and his extensive boxing career, stating, "Never call me a coward again." This passionate response underscores the immense pressure and anticipation surrounding this historic matchup.

Looking Ahead to Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk

With the new date confirmed, boxing enthusiasts can mark their calendars for May 18th. This eagerly awaited clash promises fireworks, as two exceptional fighters collide to determine the undisputed heavyweight king.

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk Key Stats 

Original Date: February 17, 2024

Rescheduled Date: May 18, 2024

Location: Saudi Arabia

Titles at Stake: WBC, WBO, WBA, IBF Heavyweight Championships

Stay Tuned: With the rescheduled date set, the focus now shifts to the fighters' preparations for this monumental showdown. Stay tuned for further updates, analysis, and predictions as we approach the highly anticipated Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight on May 18th.

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