Francis Ngannou: From MMA King to Boxing Challenger

Francis Ngannou: From MMA King to Boxing Challenger



January 23rd, 2024

Francis Ngannou, the former king of the MMA jungle, has set his sights on a new conquest: the boxing ring. While his recent clash with the elusive Tyson Fury ended in a controversial split decision, Ngannou's hunger for boxing glory remains undimmed. This isn't a fleeting foray into the squared circle; Ngannou is here to stay, and his sights are set on the sport's biggest names.

Francis Ngannou's Daunting Path in Boxing

For over a decade, Ngannou's brutal power and fearsome presence reigned supreme in the MMA octagon. With 17 wins (12 by knockout) in 20 fights, he etched his name as the UFC Heavyweight Champion and captured the hearts of fight fans worldwide. But the thrill of conquest beckoned beyond the cage. Ngannou craved a new challenge, and what better stage than the hallowed grounds of boxing?

His debut against Fury, the elusive "Gypsy King," was a spectacle worthy of its billing. Ngannou landed a thunderous knockdown in the third round, sending shockwaves through the boxing world. Though the judges ultimately favored Fury, the fight revealed Ngannou's potential to shake up the heavyweight landscape.

This setback hasn't dampened Ngannou's spirit. Far from it, it has ignited a fire within him. "I'm here for the boxing career," he declared with unwavering conviction. His target list remains clear: Fury, Joshua, and Wilder - boxing's heavyweight triumvirate. Having already crossed paths with Fury, his immediate focus is on Anthony Joshua, their clash scheduled for March 8th. But the name that lingers on his lips is Deontay Wilder, the "Bronze Bomber."

From Octagon Domination to Boxing Dreams

Wilder's recent loss to Joseph Parker cast a shadow over their previously discussed dream clash. However, Ngannou remains open to the possibility. "Two months ago, we were talking about fighting Deontay Wilder in the PFL," he reminisces, highlighting the transient nature of the fight game. "Everything is possible."

Should Ngannou secure a convincing victory over Joshua and Wilder find his winning form, their highly anticipated showdown could transpire sooner than we think. The boxing world awaits with bated breath, eager to witness the clash of titans – the fearsome MMA champion against the enigmatic "One Punch Man."

Ngannou's journey in boxing has just begun, and his roar echoes through the ring. He is not just a former champion; he is a new challenger, a force of nature ready to rewrite the heavyweight narrative. This is the story of Francis Ngannou, the Lion who refuses to be caged, his reign in the boxing jungle just beginning.

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