Taylor Swift feared Travis Kelce's safety

Taylor Swift feared Travis Kelce's safety



February 16th, 2024

Travis Kelce, a three-time Super Bowl champion, was criticized for almost pushing his head coach to the floor but was protected by Taylor Swift, per an ex-MLB executive. Kelce was furious when Andy Reid substituted Isiah Pacheco for him in the second quarter for a specialty play, which mishandled. The 6'5", 200-pound tight end hit 65-year-old Reid as he expressed his supervisor his feelings.

The elderly guy stumbled but held his ground before Kelce stormed away as players moved between them, prompting many to criticize the 34-year-old but no further action. David Samson, former president of the Miami Marlins and vice-president of the Montreal Expos, alleged that Travis Kelce is shielded by Taylor Swift because the Chiefs don't want to upset her.

I would have benched him. "One series," Samson told Dan Le Batard and Stugotz. "If a baseball player attacks a manager physically during a game, you don't think he's taken out of the game?"
I'm not crazy because a squad of 50-plus players is watching Travis Kelce and thinking, 'Oh, I guess he can do that.' Kelce is already regarded differently due to Taylor Swift's insanity."

The Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII. How?

After a late field goal knotted the game in the fourth quarter, the San Francisco 49ers lost the game before touching the football in overtime. After winning the coin toss, they went first with the ball, unaware that both sides may take it.

Unfortunately, they gave the Chiefs the advantage because they knew they needed a field goal, a touchdown, or two touchdowns to win.

After the 49ers kicked a field goal, Mahomes calmly led his team to the red zone before tossing to Mercole Hardman to conclude the game at 25-22 and become a three-time champion.

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