Brandon McManus Sexual Assault Lawsuit: NFL Kicker's Future Uncertain Getty

Brandon McManus Sexual Assault Lawsuit: NFL Kicker's Future Uncertain



June 3rd, 2024

The NFL world has been rocked by a recent sexual assault lawsuit filed against kicker Brandon McManus. This serious accusation has not only jeopardized his future with the Washington Commanders but also cast a shadow over his entire NFL career.

Brandon  McManus Released by Commanders Sexual Assault After Lawsuit

Just weeks after signing a one-year deal with the Commanders, McManus was released from the team following the lawsuit's filing. The lawsuit, originating in Florida, accuses McManus of assaulting two flight attendants during a transatlantic flight for the Jacksonville Jaguars, his previous team. 

The plaintiffs allege that the flight, intended for the Jaguars' game against the Atlanta Falcons, turned chaotic. They claim McManus and others disregarded flight safety protocols and laws. The specific accusations against McManus involve attempting to kiss one of the flight attendants during turbulence and inappropriately grinding against both women as they performed their duties. 

McManus Denies Allegations

McManus has vehemently denied all accusations, calling them "absolutely fictitious and demonstrably false." His lawyer, Brett R. Gallaway, has condemned the claims as an extortion attempt. Gallaway has vowed to vigorously defend McManus and expose the lawsuit's lack of merit. 

Team Responses

The lawsuit also implicates the Jacksonville Jaguars for allegedly failing to provide proper supervision and a safe environment for their staff. The Jaguars have released a statement acknowledging the lawsuit and confirming a thorough investigation into the matter.

The Washington Commanders, upon releasing McManus, emphasized their commitment to organizational integrity and a zero-tolerance policy towards such misconduct. They aim to uphold high ethical standards within their team. 

Uncertain Future for McManus

With his release from the Commanders, Brandon McManus finds himself a free agent facing a serious Sexual Assault Lawsuit. The NFL will undoubtedly be closely monitoring the situation as the legal proceedings unfold. This lawsuit casts a significant doubt on whether McManus will be able to continue his NFL career.

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