Patrick Mahomes Sr. Faces Up to 10 Years in Prison

Patrick Mahomes Sr. Faces Up to 10 Years in Prison



April 4th, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes' father, Patrick Mahomes Sr., is facing a potential prison sentence after being indicted on a felony DWI charge in Texas. This serious legal issue comes after his arrest for driving under the influence just a week before Super Bowl LVIII.

Third Strike for Mahomes Sr.

According to Texas law, a third DWI conviction can result in a prison sentence ranging from two to ten years. Mahomes Sr.'s prior arrests suggest a history of repeat offenses. While celebrating his son's Super Bowl victory, he has remained silent on his legal troubles.

Legal experts warn that a conviction for a third DWI in Texas carries a mandatory minimum sentence. "A conviction for a third DWI will result in a prison sentence of no less than 2 years and no more than 10 years," explains ProBible. Even with probation, a minimum ten-day jail sentence is mandatory.

A Pattern of Trouble

Authorities allege that during a routine traffic stop, Mahomes Sr. exhibited signs of impairment and admitted to consuming alcohol before driving. An open container of beer was reportedly found in his car.


While his son offered brief comments at the time, stating, "He's doing good for whatever the situation is," Patrick Mahomes Sr. has not publicly addressed the charges.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. past and Potential future in Prison 

This is not Mahomes Sr.'s first brush with the law. He has a history of legal issues, including previous DWI charges and a public intoxication incident in 2016.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. played professional baseball for 11 seasons but now faces a different kind of challenge. The outcome of this case could significantly impact his future.

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