Shaq Trolls Drake with Hilarious Bikini Photo in Kendrick Lamar Feud Getty Images

Shaq Trolls Drake with Hilarious Bikini Photo in Kendrick Lamar Feud



June 24th, 2024

Shaq, the iconic NBA giant with a personality just as big, has ignited the internet with a hilarious social media post trolling Drake. This playful jab adds another layer to the ongoing feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, and Shaq isn't afraid to pick sides.

Shaq Trolls Drake in a Bikini

O'Neal took to his Instagram story, unleashing a side-splitting photo that has gone viral. The edited image features Drake himself, rocking a skimpy bikini. In a clear sign of support for Kendrick Lamar in the rap battle, Shaq playfully holds a bikini-clad Drake by the buttocks.

Shaq doesn't stop at the hilarious image. The post features "BBL Drizzy" as the soundtrack, a diss track by record producer Metro Boomin. This song references rumors about Drake allegedly getting a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), a claim initially made by rapper Rick Ross. By including this song, Shaq throws shade at Drake and throws his full support behind Lamar.

The King of Social Media Shenanigans

Fans familiar with O'Neal's social media presence know his love for sharing fan-edited images on his Instagram story. This epic troll job on Drake is just another example of his lighthearted and entertaining online persona. Shaq isn't afraid to use his platform to have some fun, and this time, he's doing it at Drake's expense.

Shaq's support for Lamar goes beyond the now-famous bikini photo. He recently attended "The Pop Out: Ken and Friends," a one-night concert by Lamar in Los Angeles. The star-studded event featured several big names from the NBA world, including LeBron James, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and DeMar DeRozan. Shaq's presence at the concert solidified his stance on the rap feud.

The Internet Reacts to Shaq Trolling Drake

The internet's response to Shaq's troll has been mixed. While many fans were left in stitches by this hilarious crossover between the basketball legend and the rap feud, some found it less humorous.

Those on board with the lightheartedness left comments like, "WHO DID TTTHHIISS!!!! BOI SOCIAL MEDIA IS UNDEFEATED...LAWD," perfectly capturing the comedic spirit of the post. Others simply expressed their amusement with laughing emojis, highlighting the undeniable entertainment value of the edit.

However, not everyone was a fan. One user criticized Shaq, stating, "Somethings you do are funny and some stupid and no reason...This is stupid and no reason." Another playfully mocked the image editor, Vincent Lay, writing, "Drake vs Kendrick Lamar feud keeps on going."

Shaq Makes a Statement in the Rap Rivalry

Shaq's recent actions, including attending Lamar's concert and sharing the now-infamous bikini photo, are a clear statement in the ongoing rap feud. The NBA legend seems to be thoroughly enjoying the playful banter, further bridging the gap between the worlds of sports and music.

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