Josh Giddey accused of looking videos of Liv Cook, Minor he was linked to

Josh Giddey accused of looking videos of Liv Cook, Minor he was linked to



February 22nd, 2024

Oklahoma City Thunder player Josh Giddey has been again under accusations, this time he was accused of was looking at videos of minor Liv Cook, who was previously linked to. Giddey's reputation was tarnished when it was revealed that a fake account resembling the NBA basketball star had interacted with the profile of a minor, not his official one.

Amidst accusations of an inappropriate relationship with a minor, the 21-year-old found themselves at the center of a public scandal. This prompted both law enforcement and the NBA to launch investigations into the matter.

However, the inquiry ended without any evidence to support any criminal activity linked to Mr. Giddey, leading to the charges being dismissed. However, speculation continues to swirl about Josh Giddey and Liv Cook. An NBA page on X named 'Mark Jackson's Burner' posted a picture of Giddey seemingly watching and sharing a video of Cook on TikTok. It's worth noting that the account is a satirical page.

Giddey has an official TikTok account with almost a million followers, but it has not been active since September. The picture posted on X also displays the incorrect profile picture from Giddey's TikTok account. It was discovered that the profile was not genuine, and a note was added below the video to clarify this on X.

What Happened to Josh Giddey Liv Brook case?

Reportedly, Josh Giddey and Liv Cook had an alleged encounter in Newport Beach, California in November 2023, prompting an investigation by the Newport Beach Police Department.

Cook and her family enlisted the services of a well-known lawyer, Gloria Allred, to represent them, but ultimately chose not to collaborate with authorities during the investigation. That left the authorities with little choice.

"Our detectives have reviewed all of the available information and were unable to corroborate any criminal activity related to Mr. Giddey." Newport Police stated.

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