Ryan Garcia Updates On His Life

Ryan Garcia Updates On His Life



March 5th, 2024

At just the age of 25 Ryan Garcia looked to have a bright future ahead of him. Just one year ago he was one of the biggest names in boxing. Ryan Garcia has never been defeated throughout his 23 fights in professional boxing, captivating audiences with his remarkable hand speed and capacity for a knockout. He has had the entire world at his feet with that.

What is Happening with Ryan Garcia

The California native has aroused suspicions following a string of events with strange connections to a satanic suicide cult, accusations of drug usage, and unpredictable behavior. On April 20, Garcia will compete against fellow American Devin Haney for the WBC super-lightweight title. There are questions, though, about Garcia's fitness to face off against Haney.

Hours after his newborn son came to life, his child's mother Andrea Celina, was made aware of his split, and their divorce was officially completed in January.

A six video was uploaded on his social media account which had a concerning caption with gibberish words and a claim that his throat had been slit.

Celina said he was "not fine" and that he felt "heavily oppressed" lately. Eddie Hearn, a British promoter, acknowledged that Garcia's actions had made him worry for his well-being.

How Did He Respond

He had uploaded a video on social media to update the fans that he is OK and did not have his throat cut, suggesting he is the victim of a possible sabotage from an unidentified source. This was his meesage:

"Hey guys, it's Ryan. I'm coming on here to explain what's going on, I'm not in possession of my phone, I can't get access to my Instagram. My cards are locked. I'm being really taken advantage of.

"I would personally want to just send out a video to the people that love me and my fans, family that's concerned that I'm okay. I'm not dead, I believe in Jesus, all those rumours are lies."

Garcia further stated that he had reached out to people but had received no response, and that someone unknown was attempting to have him placed in jail.

His message continued: "I don't know what's going on but just know I'm OK."

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