Ryan Garcia Casting Call Raises Questions Before His Fight

Ryan Garcia Casting Call Raises Questions Before His Fight



March 25th, 2024

Boxing Star Ryan Garcia continues to baffle fans with his social media activity. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Ryan Garcia issued a casting call for a "special project" in Dallas, Texas. The call listed several specific roles, including a "mom" figure, a "love interest/video vixen," a butler, and even a referee.

This bizarre behavior comes just weeks before Garcia's highly anticipated super-lightweight championship fight against Devin Haney on April 20th. Fans and boxing officials alike are concerned that Garcia's focus may be compromised by his recent actions.

Ryan Garcia Casting Call and Its Implications

The specifics of Ryan Garcia and his casting call only add to the mystery. The roles requested, particularly the "video vixen," suggest the project might be adult-themed. Additionally, the requirement for a referee hints at a possible boxing-related element.

This casting call is just the latest in a string of peculiar social media posts from Ryan Garcia throughout March. His online activity has included accusations against Elon Musk, disturbing claims of personal trauma, and bizarre interactions with other celebrities. The most concerning episode involved a post falsely announcing his own death.

Concerns for Garcia's Well-Being and Fighting Ability

Garcia's erratic behavior has prompted the New York State Athletic Commission to request a mandatory medical evaluation. This evaluation aims to ensure Garcia is mentally fit to compete in the upcoming championship fight. However, Garcia has publicly criticized the commission, accusing them of infringing on his free speech.

With the fight against Devin Haney rapidly approaching, it remains unclear whether Ryan Garcia will be able to maintain the focus needed to compete at the highest level. Fans of the sport will be watching closely to see if Garcia can overcome these distractions and step into the ring ready to fight.

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