Logan Paul Rejected Two Rematch Offers from Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul Rejected Two Rematch Offers from Floyd Mayweather



March 22nd, 2024

The highly anticipated rematch between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and social media sensation Logan Paul seems to be hitting a snag, with Paul claiming to have rejected two separate offers for a return bout. Despite their initial encounter in 2021, the possibility of a Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather rematch continues to captivate fans.

A Matter of Timing and Priorities

Their first meeting, an exhibition match that marked the beginning of Paul's foray into professional boxing, took place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The eight-round fight showcased Paul's surprising stamina, but the frequent clinches he initiated left the outcome unclear. Though no official winner was declared, experts believe Mayweather would have emerged victorious on points.

Fueling speculation about a Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather rematch, Paul recently revealed that Mayweather Jr. had contacted him twice about a potential second fight. In a recent interview, Paul described Mayweather's last-minute request for him to step in as a replacement opponent for a Dubai exhibition. Citing the short notice and his focus on his own career goals, particularly the need for dedicated training for such a high-caliber fight, Paul ultimately declined the offer.

However, the allure of a rematch with Mayweather appears to linger for Paul. He acknowledges Mayweather's legendary status but expresses confidence that a victory is achievable with proper training. Paul emphasizes his accomplishment of lasting the full eight rounds against Mayweather in their first encounter, hinting at his potential for improvement.

Will We Ever See a Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Rematch?

The potential for a Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather rematch faces another hurdle: Paul's burgeoning wrestling career. Since his 2021 debut on SmackDown, Paul has become a prominent figure in the WWE, currently holding the coveted United States Championship. His packed schedule within the wrestling world, coupled with his evolving financial demands, suggests that a rematch with Mayweather may not be on the immediate horizon.

While the prospect of a rematch remains uncertain, the back-and-forth between the two continues to pique fan interest. Whether Paul's rejections mark the end of the potential rematch or simply a pause in negotiations is yet to be seen. One thing remains clear: The possibility of these two figures stepping back into the ring together continues to be a hot topic in the combat sports world.

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