Lebron James dream to play with Bronny might never happen

Lebron James dream to play with Bronny might never happen



February 27th, 2024

For the last two years NBA superstar Lebron James has made his goal to play with his son Bronny before ending his record breaking career. Bronny started his NCAA career this season at University of Southern California (USC).Unfortunately his career had a delay due to life-threatening cardiac arrest over the summer. Lebron is currently in between options about his future in the Los Angeles Lakers. The events and his pure performance are suggesting that he should better avoid the NBA 2024 Draft. 

Bronny is no longer predicted to participate in the 2024 draft

ESPN recently decided to take Bronny James out of its 2024 mock draft hub due to his challenging freshman year at USC, possibly upsetting Lebron. The network has chosen to include the 19-year-old in its 2025 projections, allowing him more time to enhance his standing in the industry.

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Bronny's first year at USC has been far from perfect, to put it mildly. The Trojans are concluding a lackluster 11-16 season, with Bronny averaging only 5.5 points per game amidst the challenges of being the son of a basketball legend.
Nevertheless, Bronny demonstrates promising skills, particularly on the defensive end. Projected to be an early second-round pick in the 2025 NBA Draft, with the potential to rise up draft boards next year with increased playing time and offensive development.

Lebron James Defends Son Bronny

Later on Monday, LeBron James shared his thoughts on son's Bronny future basketball prospects on X. Encouraging fans and analysts to allow the young player to enjoy his college basketball experience, unlike LeBron who went straight to the NBA from high school in 2003.
In a subsequent tweet, James criticized mock drafts as a type of content, stating they "don't matter one bit." He recommended that student athletes in Bronny's situation stay focused and work hard, ignoring the opinions of analysts or media figures.

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