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JJ Redick as Coach: Lakers Locker Room Reportedly Pushing Back



June 10th, 2024

The Los Angeles Lakers' search for a new head coach takes an interesting turn as reports emerge suggesting player reservations about JJ Redick as coach.

JJ Redick, the former NBA sharpshooter and current broadcaster, initially seemed like a strong contender for the Lakers' head coaching position. His high basketball IQ and shooting expertise seemingly translated well to a coaching role. However, recent reports indicate a potential roadblock in his aspirations.

"Smartest Guy in the Room"

According to NBA insider John Fanta, whispers within the Lakers organization suggest some players (excluding LeBron James) expressed concerns about Redick's perceived arrogance. The idea of Redick being seen as the "smartest guy in the room" might be creating discomfort within the locker room. This player feedback reportedly caused the Lakers to reconsider their options, leading them to revisit Dan Hurley, head coach of the University of Connecticut Huskies.

Hurley's Humble Approach Resonates with Players

Hurley appears to be the opposite of Redick in terms of coaching style. Reports highlight his lack of arrogance as a key asset, which seems to resonate better with the Lakers' players. Additionally, Hurley boasts proven coaching experience at the collegiate level, including leading UConn to back-to-back National Championship appearances.

LeBron's Influence vs. Locker Room Sentiment

Initial reports suggested LeBron James might be a driving force behind JJ Redick initial consideration as new coach. However, with the rest of the team seemingly favoring Hurley, James' influence might be diminishing as he approaches the later stages of his career.



Superstar Anthony Davis and Lakers legend Magic Johnson have publicly voiced their support for Hurley. Their combined influence could be a deciding factor, especially considering James' potentially waning influence in the team dynamic.

Will JJ Redick be appointed as New Lakers Coach

JJ Redick's lack of coaching experience and his perceived arrogance might have cost him the Lakers' head coaching job. The team seems to be prioritizing a coach who aligns better with the locker room culture, and Dan Hurley appears to be the frontrunner with his proven coaching record and more humble demeanor.

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