Eddie Hearn and Nakisa Bidarian Concerns About The Paul vs Tyson Fight

Eddie Hearn and Nakisa Bidarian Concerns About The Paul vs Tyson Fight



March 13th, 2024

The upcoming exhibition bout between YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul and boxing legend Mike Tyson has sparked debate within the combat sports community. While the fight promises to be a lucrative spectacle, concerns surrounding Tyson's age and the ethics of such matchups have been voiced by prominent figures like boxing promoter Eddie Hearn which put a war of words with Nakisa Bidarian.

Eddie Hearn and Nakisa Bidarian War Of Words

Eddie Hearn, known for promoting high-profile boxing matches like Katie Taylor's recent clash with Amanda Serrano, expressed reservations about Tyson's return to the ring at 58 years old.

"I love the sport of boxing," Hearn said, "I find it incredibly sad, but it's a big event, you can't deny that." While acknowledging the fight's potential for viewership, Eddie Hearn highlights the potential dangers for an aging legend like Tyson.

These concerns were met with a fiery response from Nakisa Bidarian, co-founder of Jake Paul's Most Valuable Promotions. Bidarian took aim at Hearn's perceived hypocrisy, pointing out his recent interest in promoting a fight between Manny Pacquiao, another aging boxing star (45 years old), and Conor Benn, a young fighter (27 years old) currently facing licensing issues due to a failed drug test.

"It's incredibly ironic and hypocritical of Eddie Hearn to talk negatively about another event," Nakisa Bidarian stated on social media. He criticized Hearn's involvement with the Pacquiao-Benn matchup, citing the significant age difference and Benn's ongoing legal battles. Nakisa Bidarian argues that Eddie Hearn should focus on his own promotions rather than criticizing others.

YouTube Boxing Debate

This war of words between Eddie Hearn and Nakisa Bidarian highlights the ongoing debate surrounding YouTube Boxing. While these influencer-on-boxer matchups generate significant revenue, concerns persist about the safety of older fighters and the exploitation of celebrity for profit. As the popularity of YouTube Boxing continues to rise, promoters will need to navigate these ethical questions while ensuring the safety of all participants.

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