Cleveland Browns Defensive Lineman Lonnie Phelps Arrested for DUI Lonnie Phelps Mug Shot

Cleveland Browns Defensive Lineman Lonnie Phelps Arrested for DUI



June 21st, 2024

Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Lonnie Phelps is Arrested for DUI after an incident in Key West, Florida on Wednesday night. According to reports, Phelps crashed an SUV into a restaurant and displayed uncooperative behavior towards officers.

Details of the Arrest

The Key West Police Department responded to a traffic accident report at approximately 8:47 PM on Wednesday. Upon arrival, officers found a black Hyundai wedged into the side of the Red Shoe Island Bistro. Witness statements identified Phelps and his girlfriend as the vehicle's occupants.

The police report details a lack of cooperation from both Phelps and his girlfriend during questioning. Officers further reported that Phelps displayed signs of intoxication, spoke over them, and disobeyed instructions.

Despite initially agreeing to field sobriety tests, Phelps became combative during their administration. Lonnie Phelps was subsequently arrested and transported to the police station in DUI charges

Unruly Behavior Continues

Phelps' erratic behavior reportedly continued while in police custody. Officers documented complaints, incoherent statements, and questions about the legal process. He also refused to take a breathalyzer test and urinated on himself while seated at the station.

Phelps was ultimately cited for DUI and property damage. He is scheduled to appear in court next month to face these charges.

This incident is a major setback for the young defensive lineman. Signed by the Browns as an undrafted free agent in 2023, Phelps did not record any playing time during his rookie season. The Browns organization has yet to comment on the arrest.

Uncertain Future

As Phelps awaits his court hearing, the future of his football career hangs in the balance. This arrest casts a long shadow on his early NFL career, raising serious questions about his potential with the Cleveland Browns and the league at large.

The NFL has a strict personal conduct policy, and DUIs are a major concern for the league. Prior arrests have derailed promising careers, and for an undrafted free agent like Phelps, this incident could be particularly damaging. Even if the legal charges are resolved favorably, regaining the trust of the Browns organization and proving his commitment to the team will be an uphill battle.

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