Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez Fight

Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez Fight



February 28th, 2024

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has sparked controversy with his strong criticism of Canelo Alvarez's refusal to take on rising star David Benavidez in the much-anticipated Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez fight. The potential matchup, offering a lucrative $60 million purse, has fallen through, igniting debate about Alvarez's willingness to face top contenders.

The Stalled Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez Fight

Tyson, known for his own fearless fighting style in the ring, expressed disbelief at Alvarez's decision. "I can't believe what I just heard," Tyson said, emphasizing the significant financial incentive. "Canelo rejected 60 million dollars to fight Benavidez, who is a tremendous fighter, young, strong, and hungry."

This decision, according to Tyson, contradicts the legacy of Mexican fighters historically known for embracing challenges regardless of the financial gains. "What's wrong with Canelo?" he questioned. "Is he afraid of losing? Doesn't he want to give the fans the Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez fight they want to see?"

Tyson further challenged Alvarez's commitment to the sport and his connection to his heritage. "Do you not respect the legacy of the great Mexican champions who faced the best regardless of the money? This is a shame for boxing and for Mexico," he declared.

Why Did Canelo Reject the Fight?

Tyson believes that the Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez fight would be the ideal platform for Alvarez to solidify his status as the best. "If I were him, I would accept the fight and show the world that he is the best," he stated. "But it seems he doesn't have the courage to do it."

While acknowledging Alvarez's talent, Tyson ultimately questions his heart: "It is a shame, because he has a lot of talent, but he lacks heart."

This public critique from a boxing icon adds fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding Alvarez's fight selection. Whether Alvarez reconsiders or not, the rejected fight has undeniably impacted his reputation and the boxing world's perception of his commitment to facing the toughest challenges.

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