Bona Fide Star Hunt: Blockbuster Trade for Young or Mitchell

Bona Fide Star Hunt: Blockbuster Trade for Young or Mitchell



January 25th, 2024

The Los Angeles Lakers are no strangers to blockbuster moves, and whispers of another seismic shift are shaking the NBA landscape. According to ESPN's Dave McMenamin, internal discussions are simmering about acquiring a bona fide star, potentially Trae Young or Donovan Mitchell, by offering a package of three future first-round picks and current roster players.

Can the Lakers Afford a Bona Fide Star Trade?

This star chase stems from the Lakers' underwhelming season. Despite LeBron James and Anthony Davis, they're far from championship contenders, currently clinging to ninth place in the West. Adding a bona fide star like Young or Mitchell could be the missing piece, injecting scoring punch and playmaking brilliance to unlock their title aspirations.

Trae Young, the Atlanta Hawks' electrifying maestro, embodies offensive magic. His long-range daggers and uncanny ability to weave through defenses make him a bona fide star nightmare. Pairing him with James and Davis could form an unstoppable offensive trio, but potential defensive woes alongside two aging stars raise concerns.

Cleveland's Donovan Mitchell offers a different kind of bona fide star solution. His explosive scoring arsenal and defensive tenacity complement James and Davis perfectly, potentially forming a fearsome perimeter wall. However, acquiring Mitchell, while leading the Cavs' playoff push, presents trade hurdles and contract extension complexities.

Sacrificing the Future for Immediate Glory?

The price of either will be steep. Three first-round picks are a hefty price tag, and core players like Austin Reaves or Lonnie Walker IV might be thrown in to sweeten the deal, further depleting the Lakers' depth.

Ultimately, the Lakers face a crucial decision: sacrifice future assets for immediate glory with a star alongside LeBron James, or remain patient and build organically. The NBA holds its breath as the Lakers contemplate their next move, a move that could reshape the league's landscape once again.

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