Wemby Records First Triple Double in Historic Night Against Pistons

Wemby Records First Triple Double in Historic Night Against Pistons



January 11th, 2024

Victor Wembanyama's (known as Wemby) NBA journey took a colossal leap in Detroit, where the 20-year-old unicorn etched his name in the history books with his first career triple double. Playing just 22 minutes, Wembanyama defied basketball norms, silencing doubters who deemed his 6-of-16 shooting night a potential flop. But this is Wembanyama, a marvel unlike any seven-footer before him, and he proved it with a stat line that sent shockwaves through the league.

Wemby Triple Double stats

His 16 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists against the lowly Pistons marked not just a personal milestone but a potential record-breaker. While the lack of blocks by Wemby in his triple double raised eyebrows, it was the timing that had tongues wagging. Could this be the youngest Wemby triple double ever?

While Josh Giddey, at 19 years and 84 days, still holds the NBA record for youngest triple double, Wembanyama carved his own niche. He became the youngest Spurs player to ever grab a triple double and etched his name as the youngest player ever to achieve this feat without a single turnover, making him the league's most ball-aware teen titan in triple-double territory.

Spurs stole the Show

But Wembanyama's magic wasn't the only story of the night. In a rare turn of events, the Spurs, notorious for their struggles this season, enjoyed a team effort, pummeling the Pistons by 22 points. This sweet victory, a balm to San Antonio's 6-30 record (still the worst in the West), was fueled by a balanced attack. Eight Spurs players scored in double digits, with the bench alone erupting for a staggering 70 points, over half the team's total.

Meanwhile, the Pistons, already drowning in the NBA abyss, plunged further into despair. Their 3-35 record looks even bleaker without star guard Cade Cunningham, sidelined with a knee strain. While Killian Hayes stepped up with a game-high 12 assists, it wasn't enough to overcome Jalen Duren's 21-point effort. Detroit's offense sputtered, shooting under 46% overall and a dismal 31% from three-point land.

The "Wemby triple double" wasn't just a box score anomaly; it was a declaration of arrival. The league witnessed a glimpse of the dominant force he's destined to become. This "first of many" triple-double performance, paired with the Spurs' collective resurgence, offers a flicker of hope amidst a disappointing season. For the Pistons, though, the night only deepened their struggles, showcasing the vast chasm between them and the NBA's rising stars.

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