Warriors Unite in a Heartfelt Tribute to Dejan Milojevic

Warriors Unite in a Heartfelt Tribute to Dejan Milojevic



January 25th, 2024

The Golden State Warriors' arena fell silent, then erupted in a chorus of cheers that seemed to pierce the heavens. This wasn't just a pre-game roar, it was a heartfelt wave of gratitude and grief honoring their beloved assistant coach, Dejan Milojevic, tragically lost the week before.

How did the team react?

Dejan Milojevic, the cornerstone of the Warriors' coaching staff, left a void impossible to fill. His empty seat on the bench, draped with a "Brate" (Serbian for "brother") shirt and a single white rose, spoke volumes about his absence. But in that emptiness blossomed a powerful testament to the impact he left on the team, the fans, and the wider basketball community.

Both Warriors and Atlanta Hawks donned "Brate" shirts, a symbol of brotherhood forged in the face of loss. The court became a canvas of remembrance, emblazoned with the initials "DM" within a heart - a permanent reminder of Dejan's infectious spirit. Even beyond the Warriors' home court, a ripple of respect spread throughout the NBA, with stars like Boban Marjanovic, Luka Doncic, and the San Antonio Spurs joining in the outpouring of love with their own "Brate" shirts and pre-game acknowledgments.

Dejan Milojevic wasn't just a coach

He was a beacon of joy, a confidante, and a father figure to many. Steve Kerr, his voice thick with emotion, spoke not just of a brilliant basketball mind, but of a "Dejan, the beautiful soul," a "wonderful friend," and a "great man." His infectious smile, his constant laughter - these were the memories Kerr urged the crowd to celebrate, echoing the sentiment with a simple request: "Rather than a moment of silence, let's give Dejan an ovation that can reach him up in heaven."

A video montage filled the jumbotron, each frame a poignant echo of Dejan's life and legacy. Tears filled the eyes of his wife and children as they watched tributes from Kerr, Kevon Looney, and even Raptors coach Darko Rajakovic. This wasn't just a coach being honored; it was a family embraced, their grief shared by a community bound by love and respect.

Though Dejan's life was cut short, his spirit will forever pulse through the Golden State Warriors. He was a vital part of the team's 2022 championship run, and his contributions will no doubt inspire them to push even further in the seasons to come. He was, as Kerr so eloquently stated, "a part of our soul."

The NBA family lost a cherished member last week, but in the outpouring of love and admiration for Dejan Milojevic, we were reminded of the power of community, the strength of shared grief, and the enduring legacy of a life lived with joy, laughter, and an unwavering love for the game. His smile may be gone, but it will forever echo in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

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