Warriors Assistant Dejan Milojevic Hospitalized, Game Postponed

Warriors Assistant Dejan Milojevic Hospitalized, Game Postponed



January 17th, 2024

Warriors Assistant Coach Dejan Milojević Hospitalized, Utah Jazz Game Postponed

A shadow of concern fell over the NBA on Tuesday night as Golden State Warriors assistant coach Dejan Milojević suffered a sudden and serious health issue while dining with the team in Salt Lake City. The gravity of the situation led to the unprecedented postponement of the Warriors' highly anticipated matchup against the Utah Jazz, sending shockwaves through the basketball world.

Coach Milojević, a vital cog in Head Coach Steve Kerr's championship-winning machinery since 2021, has garnered immense respect league-wide for his tireless work ethic and profound basketball knowledge. His impact extends far beyond game plans and X's and O's; he's widely credited with unlocking the rebounding potential of Kevon Looney, whose post-season heroics were instrumental in the Warriors' 2022 NBA Finals triumph.

 A Legacy of Development: Milojević's Impact Extends Beyond the Warriors

While details surrounding Milojević's current health status remain under wraps, the team is understandably prioritizing his privacy and well-being. The 46-year-old Serbian coach, a seasoned veteran of the Adriatic Basketball League, has built a reputation for his unwavering dedication and meticulous player development techniques.

His influence transcends national borders, evident in the heartfelt concerns expressed by former players like Nikola Jokić and Ivica Zubac, who blossomed under his tutelage during their stints at Mega Basket in Serbia. Jokić, the reigning NBA MVP, joined Mega Basket as a precocious 17-year-old and credits Milojević with playing a pivotal role in his basketball evolution.

This unforeseen medical emergency has united the NBA community in a chorus of support for Coach Milojević and the Warriors organization. While the specifics remain shrouded in uncertainty, the outpouring of well wishes and prayers underscores the deep respect and admiration Milojević commands within the league.

The postponement of the Warriors-Jazz game is a stark reminder that life sometimes throws unexpected curveballs, even in the high-octane world of professional basketball. As basketball fans and concerned human beings, we can only offer our collective support and hope for a full and speedy recovery for Coach Milojević.

Beyond the headlines and box scores, this incident serves as a poignant reminder of the human element at the heart of the NBA. We hope for positive news in the coming days, and in the meantime, our thoughts and prayers remain with Coach Milojević, his family, and the entire Warriors organization.

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