Union Berlin Coach Bjelica Sent Off for Shoving Sané

Union Berlin Coach Bjelica Sent Off for Shoving Sané



January 25th, 2024

Bayern Munich secured a narrow 1-0 victory over Union Berlin on Wednesday, but the match was overshadowed by a fiery incident involving Union coach Nenad Bjelica and Bayern star Leroy Sané.

Red Card Rage: Bjelica received a red card in the 74th minute after shoving Sané twice in the face following a dispute over a throw-in. The incident arose amidst controversy surrounding a rejected Union penalty appeal, leaving Bjelica visibly frustrated.

Taking Responsibility: Bjelica acknowledged his mistake, stating to Sky Sport, 

"It is not to be tolerated, what I did. Do I understand the red card? Obviously. I was somewhat excited because of the penalty episode that happened."

Heated Exchange: Bjelica further claimed that Sané had initiated the physical contact, pushing him during the altercation. However, video footage appears to show Bjelica approaching Sané aggressively before the shoving occurred.

Impact on the Match: Bjelica's dismissal significantly impacted the remaining minutes of the game, leaving Union Berlin with ten men and struggling to find an equalizer. Bayern capitalized on the numerical advantage, defending resolutely to secure the win thanks to Raphaël Guerreiro's solitary goal in the first half.

Bjelica's Future: The red card and subsequent controversy are likely to have repercussions for Bjelica. He could face a lengthy suspension, further hindering Union Berlin's fight against relegation. The incident also raises questions about Bjelica's temperament and leadership qualities under pressure.

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