UFC Heavyweights Jon Jones and Tom Aspinall Meet Face-to-Face

UFC Heavyweights Jon Jones and Tom Aspinall Meet Face-to-Face



March 18th, 2024

Highly anticipated UFC heavyweight contenders, Jon Jones and Tom Aspinall, finally came face-to-face at the Arnold Sports Festival in Birmingham, England. This long-awaited meeting between the interim champion, Aspinall, and the returning legend, Jones, has set the MMA world abuzz.

Tom Aspinall vs Jon Jones Rivalry Heats Up 

The context surrounding this heavyweight clash is crucial. Jones, widely regarded as one of the greatest UFC fighters ever, held the heavyweight championship before a shoulder injury forced him to relinquish the title. This left the division wide open, paving the way for Aspinall's impressive rise and capture of the interim belt.

Despite their online back-and-forth in recent months, mutual respect simmered beneath the surface. Tom Aspinall, a self-proclaimed admirer of Jon Jones fighting prowess, couldn't hide his excitement when they finally met. He even placed a hand on Jones' shoulder in a gesture of respect.

Can Aspinall Overpower Jones?

However, Jones, ever the seasoned competitor, maintained a professional distance. He politely removed Aspinall's hand, a clear sign that their potential fight remains firmly on his radar.

This interaction, while civil, underscores the underlying tension. Tom Aspinall, confident in his heavyweight stature, believes he holds a size advantage over Jon Jones, a former light heavyweight champion. He's gone on record stating, "He's nowhere near as big as I thought... I'll take that one. I think I beat him definitely."

This first encounter between Jones and Aspinall has only intensified the hype surrounding their potential heavyweight showdown. Whether size truly trumps skill in this matchup is a question only a fight can answer. Regardless, UFC fans are eagerly awaiting the official announcement of this highly anticipated heavyweight clash.

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