Topuria Targets Featherweight Gold, McGregor Dance in UFC

Topuria Targets Featherweight Gold, McGregor Dance in UFC



January 29th, 2024

UFC 298 looms large, with Ilia Topuria sharpening his mind for the Featherweight title battle against the reigning champion, Alex Volkanovski. However, this rising star's vibrant personality and unshakeable confidence in victory can't help but peek ahead. In Madrid, just weeks before the Los Angeles showdown, Topuria faced the media and fans, eager to discuss his post-fight aspirations, and two names dominated the conversation: Bernabéu and Conor McGregor.

Featherweight Fury: Topuria Prepares for Volkanovski Clash

"The UFC will land in Spain in 2024," Topuria declared, echoing the sentiments of media outlet MARCA. "Talks are already underway. This another project I'm buzzing about. It'll give Spanish athletes a chance to shine before their home crowd." The prospect of headlining Spain's first UFC event sends shivers of excitement down Topuria's spine.

But the Irishman casts an even bigger shadow. McGregor, a former Lightweight champion, still carries the allure of a monumental clash. "McGregor? We're aiming for him," Topuria admitted, though he tempers his anticipation. "Let's focus on Volkanovski. After that, whoever gets the privilege of waltzing with me, be it him or someone else, will be fulfilling their own dream."

 It's not just notoriety that draws Topuria to McGregor. The Irishman's 511-day reign as champion and two recent losses add spice to the potential matchup. "Imagine 60,000-70,000 fans roaring in unison," Topuria envisions. "Beating Conor wouldn't make me a legend, it'd be a stepping stone. But his upcoming fight and fate's alignment will decide everything."

Topuria respects McGregor's legacy, but believes time's tides are turning. "Everyone's time comes, and his has passed," he asserts. "In sports, expiration dates exist. McGregor's era is over. If he declines, it's because retirement, not lack of fight, beckons."

An Unmissable Showdown

 For Topuria, the message is clear: "If he wants to keep fighting, I'm the fight. No question. He'd be doing himself a favor by stepping into the Octagon with me."

February 17th will be a pivotal moment for Topuria. His victory dance could see him crowned champion and pave the way for a historic Spanish UFC event. Or, it could ignite a fiery path towards a showdown with the once-unbeatable McGregor. Regardless, one thing's certain: Ilia Topuria's future is as exciting and unpredictable as the Octagon itself.

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