Tom Brady Shatters 40-Yard Dash Time in Age-Defying Feat

Tom Brady Shatters 40-Yard Dash Time in Age-Defying Feat



February 29th, 2024

NFL legend Tom Brady defied expectations once again, this time off the field, by significantly improving his 40-yard dash time at the 2024 NFL Combine. The feat, captured on video, serves as a testament to Brady's dedication to fitness and relentless pursuit of improvement.

24 Years Later, Brady Outpaces His Younger Self

The 46-year-old quarterback returned to the Combine with a mission: to beat his sluggish 40-yard dash time from 2000, which contributed to him being drafted in the sixth round. The video on the internet shows Brady running side-by-side with his 22-year-old self, with the results being truly remarkable.

Breaking Through Limitations with Dedication

While his initial form couldn't match his younger self's explosiveness, the latter part of the race showcased the impact of Brady's specialized training. He powered through the final 35 yards, crossing the finish line ahead of his younger video counterpart. This effort stemmed from a desire to prove that age is no barrier, and was supported by his footwear and apparel brand, No Bull, which recently merged with his nutrition brand, TB12 Method.

Brady's original 40-yard dash time in 2000 was a slow 5.28 seconds. This limited athleticism was a major critique, leading to his 199th draft pick by the New England Patriots. However, his legendary career since then stands as a testament to his ability to overcome limitations.

The Next Challenge in the Tom Brady 40-Yard Dash Journey

In a video posted on his Instagram, Brady revealed his official times: 5.18 seconds and 5.12 seconds, confirming the visual improvement. However, the seven-time Super Bowl champion wasn't satisfied. He reposted the video on Twitter with a bold new target for the following year: "Sub 5.00 next year. Level up," he declared to his millions of followers.

This accomplishment comes at a personal crossroads for Brady, as his personal life has been in the news due to a recent report. However, his age-defying feat serves as a powerful reminder of his unwavering commitment to excellence and his ability to push boundaries even at this stage in his life.

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