The New Super League Format, A Revolution in European Football

The New Super League Format, A Revolution in European Football



December 22nd, 2023

The landscape of European football is poised for a seismic shift, as A22, the company behind the New Super League (NSL), unveils a comprehensive vision for the future format of the game. This revolutionary proposal extends beyond the men's competition, introducing a parallel Super League for women, marking a commitment to inclusivity and meritocracy.

Here's what the groundbreaking New Super League format entails

64 Teams: The tournament will feature a diverse range of 64 clubs, fostering a dynamic and competitive environment.

3 Divisions: Teams will be categorized into three tiers – Star, Gold, and Blue – ensuring competition levels cater to individual strengths.

Meaningful Matches: Each team will play 14 matches per season, 7 at home and 7 away, guaranteeing consistent action and fan engagement.

Open & Dynamic: The New Super League format breaks away from the closed-shop model, embracing an open competition structure with a two-phase system: League and playoffs.

Promotions & Relegations: Performance on the pitch dictates your position. Annual promotions and relegations between leagues add an exciting layer of sporting merit.

Merit is King

A cornerstone of the New Super League renewed format is its unwavering commitment to merit-based participation. No permanent members exist, ensuring a level playing field for all.

Transparent Selection: Clubs will be initially selected based on transparent, performance-driven criteria, guaranteeing fairness and equality.

Financial Sustainability: Bernd Reichart, CEO of A22, emphasizes the importance of financial sustainability and transparency, with robust rules ensuring everyone competes on equal footing.

A Multi-Tiered Structure

The innovative structure reflects the European football pyramid, with 64 clubs across three leagues:

Star League & Gold League: Each featuring 16 clubs, divided into two groups of eight, these elite leagues offer intense competition.

Blue League: Comprising 32 clubs, this tier provides a platform for rising stars to shine and potentially climb the ranks.

Empowering Women's Football: The New Super League prioritizes gender equality, proposing a dedicated women's competition mirroring the men's structure.

Star League & Gold League: 16 clubs each, divided into two groups of eight, offering a professional stage for top female players.

Guaranteed Matches: Each club will play a minimum of 14 matches per season, showcasing the talent and dedication of women's football.

Merit-Based Progression: Promotions and relegations within the women's leagues, along with access to the Gold League based on national league performance, further emphasize meritocracy.

Financial Transparency & Fan Focus

The New Super League prioritizes both financial responsibility and fan experience:

Guaranteed Revenue: Initial revenue streams are secured, exceeding expectations for future cycles.

Solidarity Payments: Eight percent of the NSL's income will be distributed as solidarity payments, with a minimum of 400 million euros allocated.

Free-to-Watch Streaming: A revolutionary streaming platform, Unify, will democratize access, offering all matches live and for free. This innovative approach puts fans at the heart of the action.

Interactive Fan Experience: Unify will go beyond live matches, featuring highlights, analysis, club-specific content, and interactive options, fostering deeper connections between fans, clubs, and players.

A New Era Begins: Reichart, the driving force behind the New Super League, declares, "Football is free," signaling a new era for the sport. Clubs are no longer bound by UEFA's grip, empowered to chart their own destinies.


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