Scottie Pippen criticizes Michael Jordan on Australian tour

Scottie Pippen criticizes Michael Jordan on Australian tour



February 26th, 2024

During the 1990's, the NBA experienced a golden era marked by the Chicago Bulls' dominance, winning six titles led by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and other key players, as depicted in the documentary The Last Dance.

This information was uncovered on various platforms, shedding light on previously unknown moments from the final series between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. The Illinois team emerged victorious with a four to two win. 

However, the portrayal of Michael Jordan as the main focus did not sit well with others like Scottie Pippen, his teammate on the Bulls. This led to Pippen, along with former Bulls Horace Grant and Luc Longley, starting a tour in Australia called the "No Bull Tour."

Scottie Pippen Slams Michael Jordan in “No Bull Tour” - GettyImages

The three players will be discussing topics in cities such as Sydney, Tasmania, and Melbourne related to revelations from the documentary. They aim to shed light on their experiences, as they were somewhat in the shadow of Jordan. 

The "No Bull Tour" is a collaboration between three Chicago players and the Australian Basketball League, aiming to connect NBA stars with the country's youth.

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