Ryan Garcia Raises Concerns for Mental Health After Online Messages

Ryan Garcia Raises Concerns for Mental Health After Online Messages



March 7th, 2024

Following a disturbing post claiming his death and a throat-slashing incident, undefeated boxing champion Ryan Garcia and his online activity has become increasingly concerning, prompting worry from his family, team, and the boxing world at large.

Understanding Ryan Garcia and His Cryptic Messages

Garcia's social media behavior has taken a bizarre turn, marked by a series of cryptic messages. These messages range from accusations against Elon Musk, labeling him the "anti-Christ," to witnessing alleged child abuse in a forest and claiming the validity of the controversial "Bohemian Grove" conspiracy theory.

Adding to the confusion, Ryan Garcia participated in a chatroom on X.com, hosted by Andrew Tate, who faces serious allegations of human trafficking and rape. During this interaction, Ryan Garcia made disturbing claims of witnessing child abuse.

Despite attempting to dispel concerns by stating his focus on clearing his name of any connection to satanism and emphasizing his Christian faith, Garcia's actions paint a different picture. He even expressed a willingness to sacrifice his boxing career, stating, "I don't care if I ever fight again... This is bigger."

A Call for Support Amidst Mental Health Concerns

Garcia's recent behavior, culminating in the deletion of most of his concerning messages, stands in stark contrast to his previous video claiming he is "fine." This inconsistency has further fueled concerns about his mental well-being.

The sequence of events began with a call to his fans to seek refuge in Jesus, followed by an audio recording resembling a prayer and a plea for confirmation from "prophets." This was followed by accusations against the MeToo movement and the promotion of the hashtag "#ryanlifematters," attempting to deflect accusations of suicidal ideation.

While Ryan Garcia maintains his love for God, his children, and Jesus, and claims to be healthy, his actions speak louder than his words. The erratic behavior displayed online has become a source of worry for all invested in Garcia's well-being, prompting the need for immediate professional intervention and support.

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