NFL New Kickoff Rule: More Returns, Less Injuries?

NFL New Kickoff Rule: More Returns, Less Injuries?



March 27th, 2024

The 2024 NFL season is set for a dramatic shift in new kickoff rule strategy. Borrowing a format popularized by the XFL, the league has adopted a new rule designed to revolutionize kickoffs. This innovative approach aims to achieve two key objectives. Reduce injuries during returns and encourage both kicking and receiving teams to play a more aggressive game.

NFL New Kickoff Rule: Prioritizing Safety and Encouraging Action

With player safety a top priority, the new NFL kickoff rule prioritizes limiting injuries on returns. This shift in focus places a greater emphasis on the kicking game, making the kick returner position more valuable than ever before. Teams are actively seeking out dynamic returners who can capitalize on the new rules and potentially change the course of games.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are at the forefront of this trend, demonstrating their commitment to special teams with the strategic signing of Cordarrelle Patterson. A proven weapon, Patterson boasts a well-deserved reputation as one of the most electrifying returners in NFL history. His dominance is undeniable - his nine career kick return touchdowns stand alone as the most in league history, while his average of 29.3 yards per return ranks him third all-time.


While Patterson's return activity dipped in the past two seasons, the new NFL kickoff rule presents a golden opportunity for a resurgence. Under the revamped system, his explosiveness as a returner could propel the Steelers' special teams unit to a significant advantage.

Beyond Returns: A Multifaceted Weapon

Patterson's impact extends far beyond the return game. Reunited with his former Atlanta Falcons head coach, Arthur Smith, who now serves as the Steelers' offensive coordinator, Patterson adds another dimension to the Pittsburgh offense. His versatility as a running back and pass-catcher provides Smith with valuable options, further enhancing the Steelers' offensive potential.

This strategic signing by the Pittsburgh Steelers underscores the significance of the new NFL kickoff rule. With Patterson's talent and experience, the Steelers are well-positioned to dominate special teams and leverage the rule change to their advantage in the upcoming season.

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