Mike Tyson reveals humiliating childhood

Mike Tyson reveals humiliating childhood



March 19th, 2024

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson has been training non stop for his fight with Jake Paul. The 57 year-old has been nicknamed with different thrilling names such as "Iron Mike" and "Kid Dynamite", but it was not always like this for Mike Tyson as his childhood  was quite e struggle.

Mike Tyson shared  his challenging childhood in Brooklyn

He wrote in "The Undisputed Truth" about growing up in an abusive household and neighborhood where he was bullied everywhere, whether at school, on the street, or at home. He was always afraid after being beaten and humiliated. 

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson said Brooklyn was intimidating as a kid. In the book, Tyson says, "I was scared to be in the house, and I was also scared to go outside,".Mike faced a difficult situation as he frequently spent time with his older sister and lived in less than ideal conditions, with utilities often being disconnected.

As reported by the Express "The kids used to call me 'Little Fairy Boy' because I was always hanging out with my sister, but my mum told me I had to stay around Denise as she was older than me," Tyson recalled "They also called me 'Dirty Ike' or 'Dirty Motherf*****' because I didn't know about hygiene back then," Tyson reminisced.

He continued: "But when you're a young kid, you don't care about hygiene. Eventually, I'd learn it in the streets from older kids - they told me about Brut and Paco Rabanne."

"We didn't have hot water to shower in and, if the gas wasn't on, we couldn't even boil water," he stated

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