Messi on the verge of signing with Inter Miami

Messi on the verge of signing with Inter Miami


June 7th, 2023

Lionel Messi will play next season at Inter Miami in the MLS. The player has already made his decision although he has yet to sign his contract with the American club.

In doing so, he has discarded the offers he had from Barcelona and Saudi Arabia.

The Catalan club had wanted him for a long time, while in Arabia the economic offer was enormous. The Argentinian, however, has opted to go to the United States.

It was not an easy decision. On the one hand, there was the option of returning to Barcelona.

It was a very attractive proposal for the player and his family who wanted to return to Barcelona.

It is true that Barcelona presented many unknowns due to the economic problems that the club was going through and could not sign him up immediately.

There had been several conversations between the player's father and Joan Laporta. The club assured him that they could register him in this market, but that would take time.

Messi did not want to wait and he also had the experience of two years ago when he thought he was going to renew and in the end he had to leave for Paris Saint-Germain.


Saudi Arabia offer

On the other hand, he was tempted by a massive offer from Saudi Arabia. There was nowhere else where he was going to earn as much money as there. However, the sporting proposal was not so interesting.

Messi wanted to be in competitive football to play the next Copa America at full capacity. And he wasn't going to get that in Saudi Arabia. A proposal, moreover, that was not attractive to the family.

The solution was Inter MiamiMessi also wanted to get away from the pressure of playing at the highest level in Europe.

The last experience in Paris has not been satisfactory with all the problems he has had in recent weeks.

The MLS is a competitive league, it is clear that it is not at the level of the big European competitions, but it does have an attractive level. 

There the pressure will be less and living in the United States is an incentive for the family.



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