McGregor vs. Pacquiao: Behind the Scenes of the Fight

McGregor vs. Pacquiao: Behind the Scenes of the Fight



February 12th, 2024

Conor McGregor's highly anticipated return to the UFC has been shrouded in mystery, sparking endless speculation about the delay. Former UFC fighter and podcaster Brendan Schaub unveils a compelling theory, shedding light on the potential power struggle between McGregor and UFC president Dana White. This unfolds against the backdrop of Manny Pacquiao's recent training video showcasing his fighting spirit at 45, igniting further intrigue surrounding the potential McGregor vs. Pacquiao mega-fight.

McGregor's Value: UFC's Golden Goose or Flight Risk?

The UFC's decision to permit McGregor's historic boxing match against Floyd Mayweather underscores his unparalleled star power. His drawing power is undeniable, reportedly earning nearly a third of the total fighter salary budget alone. However, McGregor's impending contract expiration throws a wrench in the UFC's plans. His departure would deal a heavy blow to their publicity ventures, as many sponsorships hinge on his star appeal.

Schaub believes the contract impasse is the primary culprit behind the delayed return. He speculates that McGregor prioritizes a boxing matchup with Pacquiao before returning to the UFC octagon. This puts the ball in White's court – to keep McGregor, he needs to offer a deal that outweighs the boxing temptation.

Schaub's theory gains traction with White's recent decision to postpone McGregor's slated June 29th fight, shifting it to the fall. This unexpected move could be a strategic attempt to buy time for contract negotiations, ensuring McGregor remains within the UFC fold.

McGregor vs. Pacquiao: More Than Just Speculation

While Pacquiao's retirement looms, the recent training video reignites discussions about a potential McGregor vs. Pacquiao showdown. Whether this fight materializes or not, understanding the complex negotiations between McGregor and the UFC sheds light on the factors shaping the combat sports landscape, where star power holds immense leverage.

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