Mbappe to leave PSG on a secret pact with Al-Khelaifi

Mbappe to leave PSG on a secret pact with Al-Khelaifi



February 8th, 2024

Mbappe is reportedly set to leave PSG for Real Madrid in summer but with one condition. The story of Kylian Mbappe and his future at PSG is always changing, and this new chapter is exciting. The relationship between Mbappe and PSG, which has shone a light on the football world, is currently at a crossroads.

Transfer saga and Mbappe set to Leave PSG

Years of efforts to sign Mbappe are now closer than ever, and reports suggesting that this is just a matter of how and when. The parties involved in "the Mbappe case" are pressing for a settlement that avoids the drama that engulfed the previous season, and the clock is ticking down.

The latest update by former player and PSG ambassador shocked the world with her statement on Canal Football Club : 

"We have the impression that we have already lived through this soap opera,"

The silence around the rumours and if this time Mbappe is 100% set to leave PSG for Real Madrid have put a curtain of instability on the Parisian club.

Le Parisien, a magazine that is normally allied with PSG's interests, said that Mbappe has decided to leave PSG for the upcoming season. This disclosure represents a "lost battle" for PSG while also emphasizing the importance of Real Madrid reaching an agreement with the Bondy prodigy.

Mbappe's Secret Pact

Mbappe is reportedly prepared to forego 80 million euros in exchange for personally advising Al-Khelaïfi of his ultimate choice, whether to leave or stay at PSG. The terms of his move are as monumental as the player himself, with an annual salary of 50 million euros, a signing bonus of 120 million euros, and other incentives centered mostly on image rights.
This last statement refers back to the key concerns in the 2022 renewal negotiations, implying a continuation of themes in debates about his future. Mbappe's decision, driven by finances, loyalty, and personal desire, is more than just a move; it's a statement about the modern game's dynamics, the relationship between player and club, and the enduring value of heritage in the face of constant change.

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