Lebron James attacked by Skip Bayless with Jordan Comparison

Lebron James attacked by Skip Bayless with Jordan Comparison



December 22nd, 2023

The Los Angeles Lakers' recent stumble took a dramatic turn for the worse with a 124-108 defeat to the Chicago Bulls, and LeBron James found himself in the crosshairs of fiery pundit Skip Bayless. Bayless, a relentless critic of the Lakers and James, unleashed a barrage of criticism, dissecting the team's lackluster performance and drawing stark comparisons to the legendary Michael Jordan.

The catalyst for Bayless' vitriol was James' early-game theatrics. "LeBron got off to a hot front-running, hot-dogging start," Bayless wrote, "even trying to throw it to himself off the backboard and dunk it. That failed." This misstep, according to Bayless, seemed to galvanize the Bulls, who quickly turned the tide. "That seemed to inspire the home team," he continued, "Now it's 19-12 Bulls... without Zach LaVine."

Beyond the theatrics, Skip Bayless zeroed in on the Lebron James' Lakers' defensive woes. "What a lifeless, heartless defensive effort by LeBron's Lakers in Chicago," he proclaimed. The numbers backed up his scathing assessment: 18 three-pointers conceded to a "not-very-good shooting team" painted a grim picture.

The comparisons to Jordan loomed large in Bayless' critique. "Somewhere, Michael Jordan is rolling his eyes, if not chuckling," he quipped, suggesting that His Airness wouldn't tolerate such mediocrity. Adding salt to the wound, Bayless pointed out the Lakers' record since their "championship" in the in-season tournament: a dismal 1-4. "Now they go to Minnesota and to OKC... the teams with the West's two best records. Congrats, King. Raise that banner," he remarked sarcastically.

The in-season tournament itself became another battleground for the Bayless-Jordan comparisons. In another post, Bayless declared, "What would Michael Jordan's reaction be to the In-Season Tournament in his day? He would've said, 'that's cute' and won it every single year." The contrast is stark: Jordan, the fierce competitor, versus James, seemingly content with a consolation prize.

Even Lebron James' apparent leadership efforts couldn't escape Skip Bayless' scrutiny. "I appreciated that LeBron rallied his troops, kept them together, led them to win games that other teams weren't that serious about early on in the group play," Bayless acknowledged, albeit begrudgingly. However, he quickly pivoted back to the present, emphasizing the Lakers' recent struggles: "The Lakers are going to raise a banner... I don't like it."

The loss to the Bulls exposed deep cracks in the Lakers' armor, and Skip Bayless was only too happy to point them out in front of Lebron James. King, once untouchable in Bayless' eyes, found himself under intense scrutiny, his leadership and commitment questioned. Whether the Lakers can mend these cracks and silence the critics remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Skip Bayless will be watching with a hawk's eye, ready to pounce at the slightest misstep of Lebron James' career.

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