Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid a "Signed DEAL"

Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid a "Signed DEAL"



February 19th, 2024

An agreement has now been reached between Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid two weeks ago according to marca. As of July 1 Kylian Mbappe will be going to Real Madrid marking a new era of 'Galacticos'. The what was thought as non ending saga of Real Madrid trying to get Mbappe has now come to an end.

He is not interested in receiving any further offers from PSG

When the player informed PSG last Tuesday that he would be leaving the club on June 30, he requested not to receive any new contract offers. Mbappe confirmed his commitment to Real Madrid by signing a contract that will keep him at the club for five seasons, a move that had been rumored in Paris. PSG was primarily focused on their star player fulfilling the commitment made in the summer to waive a significant amount, the third installment of the loyalty bonus, in order to rejoin the first team.

The final chapter of the negotiation has been meticulously followed by Real Madrid, who aimed to prevent any potential irregularities that could lead to protests from PSG to UEFA and FIFA. The player also recognized the importance of 'reconciling' with the Madrid club's directors and fans following the events of May 2022.

At the beginning of January, as his contract was approaching its final six months, Real Madrid reached out to Mbappe's team to confirm if the previously agreed plan from May was still on track without any alterations. The outcome was favorable. Eight months prior, he had officially notified the Parisian club of his decision to forgo the optional third season on his contract, setting his sights on Real Madrid as his next destination.

Agreement made in February

During the call in early January, Jose Angel Sanchez, the negotiator for the white club, urged them to restart negotiations by early February at the latest.

After the 2022 stand-off, they were eager to expedite the talks to finalize and sign the contract promptly. An important idea was communicated to Mbappe: Real Madrid's interest in signing him had diminished compared to a year and a half ago, no longer being a top priority.

That's why they requested specificity and clear communication during the negotiations. If the operation could be successfully completed, that would be ideal; if not, there would be no issues. Having Jude Bellingham and Vinicius already secured and standing out as top players, Real Madrid felt no pressure. They were eager to find out quickly whether they could rely on Mbappe for next season.

Following the agreement made by both parties in May 2022, the negotiation has been quite straightforward, with some minor disagreements arising, particularly concerning image rights.

Real Madrid has successfully adjusted the terms, in line with Florentino Perez's directives. It was crucial for the deal that the player's salary did not disrupt the club's salary structure. Both the president and the general manager are aware that this matter could lead to tensions among players in the dressing room, and they are keen on maintaining the positive team dynamics and atmosphere.

That's why Fayza Lamari, the player's mother, and his lawyer, Delphine Verheyden, were informed that Kylian's yearly earnings should match the club's standards.

The salary chart Of Mbappe at Real Madrid

Following some tweaks, the French forward is set to join the team as the top earner, given his unofficial title as the world's best player. However, his salary will be in line with other top earners like Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, and David Alaba.

Reports suggest that the ongoing negotiations involve a salary range of 15 to 20 million net per year, along with performance-based bonuses over a five-year contract period. This aligns with Real Madrid's recent player contract structures, although this specific detail remains unverified. In the 2022 agreement between the two parties, which was awaiting the player's signature, the player's salary averaged 26 million net.Over the past two seasons at PSG following his contract extension, Mbappe has received a net payment of 32 million (72 million gross).

Decreased signing bonus

In addition to that figure, the player also receives a signing bonus for joining the team without being under contract, as a form of compensation for the lack of transfer fee.
Recall that in the final week of August 2021, with one season remaining on his contract, Real Madrid made an initial offer of 160 million to PSG, followed by a second offer of 180 million a few days later. In the solid deal between Mbappe and Real Madrid for 2022, they settled on a transfer bonus of 130 million, which has also been slightly decreased.

When considering all factors and factoring in the signing bonus, the total earnings of the French player would fall short of 50 million net. Half of his current season earnings at PSG: The total gross amount is 212 million, which includes a salary of 72 million, a renewal bonus of 60 million, and a loyalty bonus of 80 million.

Visuals and brand partnerships

Within Mbappe's circle, they ultimately agreed to the reduced financial terms, understanding it was necessary for the striker to achieve his dream of joining Real Madrid. The player was focused on prioritizing the sporting aspect over the financial side this time. Considering the recent rise of Jude Bellingham and his growing value as a top-tier footballer over the past eight months while playing for the team. Greater prestige and a strong image lead to more sponsorship deals. Delphine Verheyden, a lawyer specializing in matters related to image rights that the Mbappe clan values highly, is well-positioned to assess the potential impact for her client.

If Kylian is already being hailed as the top footballer globally, achieving success with Real Madrid and clinching the titles that have so far eluded him at 25 - both in club competitions (Champions League) and individual accolades (Ballon d'Or) - will significantly boost his worth.

Florentino and the unveiling

The strong bond between Florentino Perez and the player played a crucial role in finalizing this agreement, especially considering the previous setbacks.

Their relationship began with a phone call during the intense weekend of May 21 and 22, 2022. The player personally informed him that he would not be signing with the white club as planned, opting instead to renew with PSG. He then asked for forgiveness for the situation.

After moving past the initial frustration, the manager and his assistant, Jose Angel Sanchez, started devising a plan to include Kylian in a team with top young players in global soccer.
The grand finale of the plan will be a stylish presentation ceremony at the newly renovated Bernabeu. The event is set to take place on July 1, strategically scheduled amidst this summer's packed calendar, including the European Championship in Germany (June 14 to July 14), the Olympic Games in Paris (with the soccer tournament running from July 24 to August 10), which Mbappe is eager to join as it's in his hometown, and various concerts already lined up. Preparations for the event are already underway at the Valdebebas offices.

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