Kim Kardashian Angered Fans at Lakers Suns Game for the In Season Tournament

Kim Kardashian Angered Fans at Lakers Suns Game for the In Season Tournament


December 6th, 2023

The 43-year-old reality TV star Kim Kardashian made news lately when she was seen sitting courtside with her son Saint, who is eight years old, at a Lakers game.

Because Saint is a well-known sports enthusiast, the mother-son team went to the game on Tuesday night, which also happened to be his birthday. Saint was wearing a Lakers jersey with the famous Number 23 to honor basketball legend LeBron James.

The creator of the clothing line Skims, Kim Kardashian, turned heads with her all-black look, which included a tight, low-cut top that showed off her cleavage. She deviated from the traditional rectangle handbag by carrying a unique silver rhinestone bag in the style of a high heel, which added a glamorous touch to her ensemble.


Why Fans Were Upset ?

Fans' reactions to the celebrity's attendance at the game, however, were divided; some expressed annoyance at her obvious lack of enthusiasm. Reactions on X (formerly Twitter) varied from irritation over her seeming indifference to censure for absorbed in her phone instead of supporting the Lakers.

Some were star-struck by Kim Kardashian's presence at the game, posting footage of her and Saint waving, despite the nasty comments. Some fans volunteered to reserve her a seat, while others expressed their want for her to attend more Lakers games this season.

On December 5, Saint's birthday fell during the Lakers game, and the joy was heightened by Kim's unexpected attendance. The matriarch of the Kar-Jenner family, Kris Jenner, wished her grandson a happy birthday on Instagram Stories.

She expressed gratitude for Saint's developing grin, energy, and heart by sharing a carousel of pictures that showed off his early years and toddler years.

Known for taking Saint to professional soccer matches throughout the globe, Kim Kardashian maintains her high-profile lifestyle while juggling family get-togethers and public appearances, drawing praise from both supporters and detractors.



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