Jalen Hurts called a FRAUD after Eagles defeat from Cowboys

Jalen Hurts called a FRAUD after Eagles defeat from Cowboys



December 11th, 2023

Fans vented their rage at the Philadelphia Eagles after their 33-13 loss against the Dallas Cowboys, calling the performance "embarrassing" and labeling them "frauds."

The Eagles and their top quarterback, Jalen Hurts, have now lost two games in a row, including a loss to the San Francisco 49ers on December 3. They have lost not just the NFC Conference lead, but also their own division, as the Cowboys have surpassed them.

They've also scored fewer than 20 points for the second week in a row, highlighting the reality that their defense has been leaking scores all season. The defeats are piling up as the offensive does not appear to be able to save them at the time.

The games against the 49ers and Cowboys have allowed both teams to catch the Eagles in the NFC Conference, with the victor receiving a bye into the next round of the playoffs. Worryingly, the total score for those games is 75-32, indicating that they have been comprehensively trounced.

As a result, supporters took to Twitter, now known as X.com, to express their dissatisfaction.

"That is the most embarrassing Eagles loss I've seen in a long time," one commenter remarked. The coaches and the 53 players delivered a poor effort."

"Jalen Hurts on major fraud alert," said another.

A third member of the audience tweeted: "I hope this @Eagles offense wakes up next game cause this defense isn't winning them any games.. three fumbles in field goal range is the difference tonight between having a shot at the end to being embarrassed a second week in a row!!!"

"I don't want to see anybody on the Eagles smiling in any form of social media content for the next week," added another. Back-to-back smacks in the fucking mouth from the 49ers and Cowboys is terrible, and this squad desperately needs a gut check. However, goals are still within grasp. #FlyEaglesFly".


Stats for Hurts against the 49ers and Cowboys

In the two matchups against the teams now joining the Eagles at the top of the NFC, Hurts has completed 61% of passes (44) for 495 yards, but only for one passing touchdown. He's also only added one rushing touchdown and rushed for 50 yards.

His volume numbers are consistent with his season average but worryingly there is a lack of potency at the end of it as evidenced by two touchdowns in two games.

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