Jakel Paul wants fight with Sean Strickland, calls him "insecure wannabe"

Jakel Paul wants fight with Sean Strickland, calls him "insecure wannabe"



March 1st, 2024

A potential fight between Jake Paul and UFC fighter Sean Strickland is apparently in the air, as Paul is claiming Strickland would fight him for a big paycheck. 

Jake Paul recently accused Sean Strickland of faking his toughness. This happened after an incident that involved Strickland and Rumble Streamer Sneako. This incident gained a widespread attention as Strickland was not holding back against Sneako. 

Jake " The Problem Child" Paul challenged in a sparring fight Sean Strickland for a $1 million. Strickland remains hesitant about the fight, and "fears" potential contractual obligations with current contract on UFC. However, Paul is unconvinced by Strickland's statement and called him out on a recent podcast.

Is the Paul Strickland Fight possible? 

During the "BS w/Jake Paul" podcast, the boxing star, revealed Strickland's messaged and expressed his thoughts on him, saying he is insecure and pretends to be tough.

Despite the tension and bold statements, it's unlikely a fight between Paul and Strickland will happen in the UFC, considering all the history of Jake Paul taking shots at UFC head Dana White. Despite all the facts this rumour has raised interest, and the next events will unfold what the situation holds for us. 

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