IS Cristiano Ronaldo an Asset or Obstacle for Portugal ON Euro 2024

IS Cristiano Ronaldo an Asset or Obstacle for Portugal ON Euro 2024



March 5th, 2024

The upcoming Euro 2024 has football fans buzzing with anticipation, and Portugal is undoubtedly a team to watch with their legendary star Cristiano Ronaldo. However, recent comments by former French international Frank Leboeuf have sparked debate about the role of Ronaldo and its impact on Portugal's chances of lifting the trophy.

Leboeuf's bold claim on Cristiano Ronaldo

Frank Leboeuf believes Portugal has a genuine shot at Euro 2024, but only if they leave Cristiano Ronaldo out of the squad. He argues that while Portugal boasts a strong team with talented players, Ronaldo's presence hinders their potential.

Despite Leboeuf's stance, Ronaldo remains a legendary figure in Portuguese football. He is the team's all-time leading scorer with an incredible 128 goals, his leadership qualities are undeniable, and his experience on the biggest stages is invaluable.

Portugal's qualification campaign

Portugal, under the leadership of Ronaldo, has achieved a flawless qualifying record for Euro 2024, highlighting their team's unity and Ronaldo's impressive performance with 10 goals.
As Ronaldo's playing style and role on the pitch have evolved over the years, his impact on games and his ability to motivate his teammates have remained unquestionable.

Will Portugal go forward with Cristiano Ronaldo on the EURO 2024

Ultimately, the decision of whether to include Ronaldo in the Euro 2024 Portugal squad lies with head coach Roberto Martinez. He will need to carefully consider Leboeuf's perspective alongside Ronaldo's undeniable talent and experience to determine the best course of action for the team's success.

The debate surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo's role in Portugal's Euro 2024 campaign is sure to continue. Whether he is seen as an asset or an obstacle, one thing remains certain: Cristiano Ronaldo will always be a captivating figure in the world of football.

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